All-Weather Trauma Kit (AWTK)


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All-Weather Trauma Kit (AWTK)

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The slim fit on the go trauma kit ready for anywhere you go. Housed in an all American made aLOKSAK®, lightweight and durable these SAKs are waterproof rated to 200 feet and a staple in our US Military. Filled with only the best American made trauma supplies, this kit is designed for ease of use with the most simple and effective gear available.

  • Kit Contents

    6×9 aLOKSAK®- Made in USA

    SWAT-T™ Tourniquet

    Hyfin® Compact Twin Chest Seals

    NAR® Mini ETD®

    NAR® Compressed Gauze

    Trauma Shears

    4′ Flat Fold Duct Tape

    TCCC Combat Casulty Card


  • Dimensions


    9 inx 6 in x 1.25 in


    14 oz

  • Disclaimer

    All items require training before use. By purchasing this First Aid Kit you release Sunshine Safety First Aid and Thin Red Line Tactical, LLC of any liability.

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