Wilderness First Aid Kit (WFAK)


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The perfect companion for any adventurer. Ready for any situation, boasting 100 items inside, you can rest assured that you are prepared for whatever life throws at you. The light weight 1000D nylon bag is molle compatible with a rip-away back plate so you can mount your kit in your vehicle, on your back pack, or even a garage/warehouse then grab-and-go wherever whenever you need.

  • Contents

    Front Pocket

    Medicine Pack

    -Triangular Bandage

    -4 Large Gauze 4×4

    -6 Small Gauze 2×2

    -Insect Repellent

    -2 Sting Relief

    -6 Butterfly Bandage

    -2 Blister Bandage

    -4 X-large Bandage 2×4

    -4 Large Bandage 2×3

    -8 Small Bandage 1×3

    -4 Knuckle Bandage

    -4 Finger Bandage

    Light Stick


    2 Sets of Gloves


    Back Pocket

    Pressure Dressing

    Sterile Gauze Roll

    Surgical Tape

    Elastic Bandage Roll


    Thermal Blanket

    Pen Light



    Medical Glue

    CPR Mask

    Trauma shears


    Content Card


    Medicine Pouch

    Cleaning & Protection Pack

    -2 Sun protectant Pouch

    -2 Cleansing Towelette

    -2 Alcohol Prep Pads

    -2 Hand Sanitizer Packs


    -2 Hydrocortisone

    -Liquid Skin

    Medicine Pack

    -2 Ibuprofen Packs

    -2 Acetaminophen Packs

    -Diphenhydramine Pack

    -2 Lip Balm Packets

    -2 Burn Gel Packets

    -2 Triple Antibiotic Packets

    -2 Oral Pain Relief Packets

    -Electrolyte Solution Pack

  • PRO Contents

    Pro WFAK adds:

    CAT® Gen 7 Tourniquet

    SKT BRD Tourniquet Holder

    Quikclot® Rolled Gauze

    24″ Splint

  • Dimensions


    6 in x 8 in x 3.5 in


    1lb 8oz

  • Disclaimer

    All items require training before use. By purchasing this First Aid Kit you release Sunshine Safety First Aid and Thin Red Line Tactical, LLC of any liability.

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